American Automaker Needs New Concepts

By , May 24, 2018 9:22 pm


The American Automaker is struggling. We discuss some key innovation for him to suceed.

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Concept cars are starting to make their way away from the car show showrooms and into the sales dealership departments across America.

American carmakers are finding themselves having to eck out ways to be their biggest competitor the Japanese auto industry.

Honda, Toyota and other automakers abroad have made more efficient well-made cars than the American automaker. Not only have the Japanese automaker’s been able to do this but they have done it cheaper than what the Americans have to sell. The economy in Japan gives these automakers a definite edge.

To counteract that the American automaker can no longer rely on the same old designs and ideas to keep up. So what does he do? Innovate!

A real issue facing Americans is at the gas pump. Efficient running vehicles that drink less fuel are grabbing the attention of the American public. The most popular solution is the hybrid car. However this market has been created by the Japanese automaker. In fact Japan has actually lent their hybrid technology to Motown. That’s how far behind the American carmaker finds himself.

However GM owned Saturn plans to release a hybrid version of their popular brand that is only $1500 over the cost of their standard non-hybrid model. This is a great idea. It will definitely draw customers into their dealerships and attract attention.

It is cost-cutting ideas like these that the American car manufacturer needs to manufacture himself.

New stylish designs can have a significant impact on sales for car manufacturers. For instance when Chrysler released their PT Cruiser manufacturing could not keep up with sales. Ford took advantage of the press their new vintage Mustang design created years before its release. And now Chevrolet is in the same position with their soon-to-be released Camaro sports car.

The American carmaker cannot allow these new designs to become stale. In order to beat the Japanese ideas must remain fresh ever flowing and not just stay in preview car showrooms.

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