Extended Auto Warranty Facts

By , February 1, 2018 6:25 pm


Important information you need to know before purchasing an extended auto warranty for your vehicle.

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Extended service contracts are typically referred to as an extended auto warranty. They are most typically a promise to pay the repair facility to replace or repair a covered part and/or component that has failed or worn beyond the manufacturer’s tolerances.

There are many differences in extended service contracts (extended warranties). Be sure that you are doing business with a reputable company with a long history of paying claims. Call the warranty company to learn of the services and available coverage. Price is always important but also consider the service at the time that you need it most, during a breakdown or repair. It is at this time that the true value of the company is demonstrated.

Most vehicles in today’s marketplace come with only a 3 or 4-year warranty from the manufacturer. Cars would become too expensive if manufacturers placed longer warranties on them. And the local dealerships would lose some very important “service business”.

Today’s vehicles can be very complex and costly to repair. Protecting yourself with an extended warranty from a reputable company can help to avoid a potential budget-destroying repair. No cost, interest free payment plans are available from some warranty providers making the plans very affordable. Purchase from an extended warranty company that offers no-interest payment plans.

Most people believe that extended warranties are only offered at their local dealerships and don’t realize that they can purchase better coverage at substantial savings directly from a warranty company. Local dealerships use extended warranties as “additional profit.” These warranties are typically restricted to being valid only at the location where the warranty was purchased. Warranties purchased through a local car dealership are typically financed in with the vehicle purchase. This traps the consumer into paying finance charges on their warranty purchase and eliminates the ability for them to cancel the warranty for a proper refund.

Buying directly from a warranty company can provide substantial overall savings and freedom from the traditional, high pressure and expensive traps of automobile dealerships. Buy from a company whose primary business is that of providing quality extended warranties at competitive pricing. Do not purchase from companies or dealerships that offer these products as secondary or additional items as you will usually wind up paying too much for substandard products.

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