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Build Your Own Electric Car

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This product is offered by a Les and Jane who have been living ¡§off grid¡¨ for the past 15 years. They drive their own homemade electric car and use solar and wind energy to run their house.

Their book reveals the method that they used to convert their car to run on electricity at a cost that they, as regular people, could afford. The cost of the whole process is a few hundred dollars. And they will also show you how to complete a 100 miles with one charging.

You will learn in a step-by-step the method of converting your car to electric power and how to reduce the money that you pay for fuel to nearly zero.

This method is not only an effective way to get great mileage for less, but it also helps the environment. The use of fuel increases the amount of harmful gases in the environment which has a negative affect on the overall environment and particularly on the local environment. By adapting to this method of running your vehicle you are also doing a favor to our environment.

You will be pleased to learn that the IRS gives refunds to people who are using environmentally friendly methods of living. In this book you will learn how to benefit from this as well.

In the book you will learn how to replace the expensive batteries that you have to buy for running your car on electricity. You can keep a whole bank of used batteries in great shape for years.

The car speed is something that you may be concerned about because without speed there¡¦s no point in wasting money on such methods. The authors say that your electric powered car will easily achieve freeway speeds. This means that in terms of performance there will be no issues at all.

For the couple, however, this electric vehicle conversion is only part of what has been a 15 year journey to find the ultimate way to maintain a normal lifestyle and live green at the same time.

The price of the book ¡§Build Your Own Electric Car¡¨ is $19.97 dollars. There is also “The Going Green Value Pack” on offer, which includes ¡§Build Your Own Electric Car¡¨ + 4 other books each with information on different methods (solar panels, wind generators and bio diesel production )of using ¡§green¡¨ energy . With this package you will be able to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is available for $49.97. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don¡¦t find the information useful.

Products That You Can Use To Convert Water to Gas

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There are currently thee popular products that you can choose from to convert water to gas. Each varies in terms of price and the freebies you get but all of these use the same principle to make it work.

This principle is achieved by converting water to gas which produces HHO or two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen that is better known as hydroxy or Brown’s gas. Perhaps the best part is that you only have to put in a quart of tap water that already provides 1800 gallons of HHO that will last for months!

These three products are namely Gas4Free, Run Water On Your Car and WaterCarPro. When you decide to get it, you download an e-book which will explain to you how to assemble the product. The materials can be purchased from the hardware store and since it has detailed instructions, you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

This can work for all kinds of vehicles from small cars to trucks except for hybrids since no tests have been done yet.

The three installation kits are all written in English but Gas4Free has made this available in other languages as well. Most of these have product updates so if there is new information, this will be passed on to you.

The cost of the three products is from $47 to $297. This does not yet include the price of the materials but all three say that you can get a return on your investment in less than 2 months because of the amount of money you save from no longer going to the gas station that often.

You will also be able to get tax breaks from the government because the IRS or the internal revenue service encourages consumers to invest in renewable energy sources like the use of hybrid vehicles instead of the ordinary gas or diesel powered vehicle.

Will installing the water to gas conversion kit have any effect on the warranty of your vehicle? The answer is no but if you are concerned that this could cause you any problems, you can easily remove it before you bring the vehicle to the shop and just reinstall it later.

If you are happy with the water to gas conversion kit from one of three products mentioned, you can install in your other vehicles. You can even be the helpful neighbor by doing the same thing for them.

You can purchase the e-book online and then pay for this using your credit card or PayPal account. You have two months to try it out and if you are not happy, you will be able to get a full refund.

Converting water to gas is growing because the price of oil has gone up in recent months. If you still want to keep you SUV instead of trading this in for a smaller car, this is the miracle you have been praying for.

The first time water was used to power a community was the hydroelectric power plant. Years later, other industries were able to use this on a smaller scale so it won’t be long before the automobile industry does the same. So, if you want to save money and do your share to protect the environment, invest in a system that converts water to gas.

5 Ways Auto Navigation Systems and GPS Technology Improve Lives

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Global positioning technology is used in most of today’s GPS and auto navigation systems. The truth of the matter is that this technology while once reserved for the wealthy is now trickling into mainstream America. We are seeing this technology in cell phones in order to assist with 911 calls. We are seeing this technology in automobiles in order to track and possibly retrieve them if they are stolen. We are also seeing this technology used to help lost animals find their way back to the homes of their families. The truth of the matter is that there are many ways in which GPS technology is currently making our lives easier.

Below you will find a great number of uses for GPS and auto navigation system technology that currently exist. Even more amazing is the fact that new discoveries for these technologies are being made every day and over time there will be an even greater variety of methods to utilize this technology for the benefit of society.

1 Keep track of teens and children by using services such as uLocate Communications. This technology allows you to track members of your family by their cell phones. With the click of a button on your cell phone or simply tracking from home via the Internet you can find all members of your family that are carrying their cell phones. The benefits of this feature to your peace of mind alone are well worth the monthly subscription fee, which can be as low of $4 a month depending on which service you choose.

2 Keeping track of the elderly. This is especially useful if you have a loved one that suffers from Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. Technologies are improving continuously and will hopefully reach a point very soon where ID bracelets much like the medic alert bracelets will allow GPS tracking that is even more reliable for the elderly. The relief of knowing that you can find your loved one even if he or she has wondered off and forgotten how to get home is something that you really can’t put a price tag on.

3 Lost pets. I mentioned this earlier but it is worth repeating. The technology exists to have your pets implanted with chips or even to have chips placed in collars that allow you to readily locate your precious pet without spending endless hours of searching and whistling. The real beauty of this is that you won’t have to spend hours comforting sad children; you can take them to the computer and let them help you track Fido.

4 Finding shortcuts along your route to work, job interviews, important meetings, conventions, and personal appointments. This is great if you are running into a time crunch or worse need an alternate route as the result of a traffic jam or road closure.

5 GPS technology allows security and safety in many cars that utilize On Star technology as well. This technology cannot only track the location of your car but also be used to call for help in emergency situations. This device is activated by the push of a button and can even be used by small children in emergency situations.

There are many great ways that GPS and auto navigation systems and technology are being used each and every day to improve our lives and provide peace of mind. The methods mentioned above are simply icing on the cake.

I would recommend the Atlantis X-350 3.5 Inch LCD In-Car Navigation System which also has the MP3 capabilities. X-350 is an exciting new product from JJC based upon our award winning GPS product line. This touch screen portable in-car navigation system offers door-to-door GPS guidance with spoken instructions. Simply start up your car, the GPS is ready to navigate! Includes street level maps for the entire USA. Visual and voice prompts guide drivers easily from origin to destination point. A variety of settings allow drivers to create optimal routes. Another great feature is the built-in MP3 player to listen to your favorite songs on the go. Just copy it to the SD card included. It is just that easy.

Water to Gas = Water in the Tank?

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The latest fuel saving system- the water to gas technology- has most of the public getting confused. Would that mean that we would be putting water in our gas tank? The answer is NO!

With the water to gas conversion it doesn’t literally mean that water will be put inside the gas tank to conserve on fuel. This system uses a water conversion kit called the electrolyzer or the hydrogen generator. This is the device that converts the water into vapour to separate the hydrogen and be used as supplement to gas. So it is very important to follow the instructions stated in the conversion and installation guides.

Water in gas tanks poses big problems. Since water is heavier than fuel, it will build up in the bottom of the tank until it undergoes something to remove it. Water and gasoline is immiscible, meaning it would not mix except in minute or very small quantities. With the water settled in the bottom of the tank, it could result to rust. It also freezes easily and can leave the driver stranded depending where the water froze. Once the water in tank gets deep enough, it will be drawn into the fuel line and can result into clogged filters and strangled motors. Since water is also thicker than fuel, it can’t get through the injector. So water tends to block the injector resulting into engine misfire.

Mechanics said that water in fuel tanks are serious issues. The only thing motorists can do to remove the water without removing the fuel tank is to use isopropyl. But experts recommend sending the vehicles to a repair shop so that all of the water in the tank could be flushed out completely.

A trick used in aircrafts to reduce water contamination in fuels is to fill up at the end of the day, so the tank has less air space overnight. They also fill it up to the brim every night so there is no airspace above the fuel that could lead to vapour condensation. But since cars are only required to be filled with gasoline once a week, this trick may not be applicable to vehicles. Parking indoors will also help in reducing water contamination in gas tanks.

Another possible cause of water in gas tanks is simply the climate. When you have wet conditions, overnight condensation may happen in the fuel tank. Condensation in the tank would occur most in similar conditions to carburaetor icing high humidity/wet conditions with temperatures just above freezing. The car would cool down over night and the moisture in the air space in the tank condenses on the inside of the tank. At the same time, the cooling air in the tank would contract and suck more in from outside worsening the already worse situation.

There are also several incidents of local gasoline stations pumping contaminated gas into vehicles. Some of these gasoline stations were closed down due to the illegal processes that they were doing. An example would be what happened in Deltona, Florida. Some drivers claimed that a Deltona gas station is selling tainted gas. There were two drivers who told the media and reporters that their cars broke down immediately after filling up at the local Deltona gasoline station.

These would be some typical situations where water in gas is not a good thing. Taking care of our vehicles and being aware of the conditions around us will equip us on how to better handle vehicle maintenance.

Government Auctions- Buy government seized cars

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Gov-Auctions is one of the largest websites that auctions government pre-owned and seized resource cars, trucks and SUVs. They auction vehicles both offline and online.

Different Government agencies such as IRS, DEA and FBI as well as Police departments seize different vehicles every month. auctions these vehicles to public because the law allows these vehicles to be listed and sold at up to 95% off their original value. Auctions like these often start at very low amount like 100$.Government pre-owned vehicles are usually in good condition and no more than two to three years old.
Gov-Auctions offer its members the freedom to access over three thousands updated auctions nationwide with guaranteed listings in every state. You can search for a car listed in your state without any charges.

At Gov-Auctions you can find many different types and brands. There is a huge list of vehicles which include brands such as Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Alfa Romeo, Pontiac, Citroen, Subaru and Toyota, etc. You can not only bid on cars but motorcycles as well. So if you are looking for a Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, BMW, Suzuki, Yamaha you can find them at You can become a member by paying only $39.50.

The site also allows you to bid on other things such as real estate, boats, etc. Members can search and bid on land, properties, jet-skies, boats and other vessels. The list does not end over here, other products like jewelry, office equipment, collectibles, furniture can be bought through Gov-auctions.

You can take part in thousands of live auto auctions of Government pre-owned, repossessed and seized vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and boats to bid on with the very low starting prices. Gov-auctions is also directly linked to other relevant auctions websites. As a member you get complete access to contact information for easy reference and bidding. If you are new to auctions then you can follow the Step-by-step 5- day auto auction tutorials that give you experience based knowledge which proves helpful in making you a confident buyer and eventually save a lot of money on auctions. There is also an easy-to-use guide to every Federal Government property sales programs and auctions. This guide educates you on how to become an auction expert by telling you everything you need to know about government sales and auction programs.

In the customer service section of the website you can find answers to your questions about online vehicle auctions in general or questions about the services and miscellaneous features of Gov-Auctions. If you can¡¦t find an answer still, you can send your question to Gov-Auctions via email and they will get back to you in 24 hours. provides an opportunity for everyone to buy vehicles and a lot of other objects. You can also learn how to bid on vehicles through their user guides and tutorials.

Water to Gas, is it Possible?

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Yes, and indeed, water is the most viable, cheapest and abundantly available alternative solution to the rising cost of fuel prices in the market today.

Although the common form of water is in itself not a source of potential energy at the onset, however, with the right process involved, can be a veritable and probably the best source of hydrogen – a highly feasible element that can replace fossil fuels to power vehicles and even provide energy like heat and electricity.

For the water to gas concept, many studies have been commissioned to study and research on the value of water for providing alternative sources of fuel and energy, which has indeed proven to have been very helpful and revolutionary.

Believe it or not, the technology to make a car run on water is nothing new and has been a patented concept for many years now, which has evolved to the creation and invention of gas-saving devices that either make use of a little electric power from the car’s battery to separate water into a gas called HHO, better known as Brown’s Gas or oxyhydrogen (two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of water.)

The discovery of Brown’s Gas or HHO has been around for a while, but it was only recently that it became known as a source of energy that can make cars run – and the primary source of HHO is water.

Brown’s Gas burns very well and provides a great deal of energy, equivalent to the potential of petroleum with an even better environmentally safe by-product – water.

A regular engine burning conventional gas fuel, mileage is relative only to the amount of gas the engine needs to run on, however, much of it is burned and ends up being incombustible fuel, meaning less mileage and much energy is wasted in the form of heat and pollution.

Many may not be aware, but Brown’s Gas or HHO is very powerful, since it has the atomic power of hydrogen and the chemical stability of water, making it three times more potent and powerful than gasoline.

The United States government has recently posed a challenge to the American people to drive hydrogen-powered cars as soon as possible and has set aside over one billion dollars for research on how it can be done.

From that challenge stemmed many processes that have been brought to the public’s attention – some effective, some nothing but a mere scheme to mislead unwary victims.

Regardless of the good or bad motives, there are in fact a number of very viable methods on breaking down ordinary water into oxygen and hydrogen.

It’s a good thing to know that one does not have to spend much to have their vehicles make use of water to gas, since surprisingly it does not cost a billion dollars to develop.

This is so because existing engines in today’s automobiles could work with these processes with very little or minimal alterations to the engine system.

But how does the water to gas system work?

Initially, it starts with the idea that ordinary water is actually a ‘battery’ that contains vast amounts of energy – especially hydrogen energy.

Water is two parts hydrogen combined with one part oxygen, thus, one can only imagine how it carries a vast amount of energy and has nothing to do with the amount of energy it takes to break down that molecule.

Water to gas is, indeed, a sustainable program that needs a lot of research and looking into. Who knows, it may yet hold the answer to our oil price hike dilemma.

Get A Top Notch Used Car

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It doesn’t have to be a hard task to buy a second hand car. Knowing what you’re doing of course helps quite a bit. So read and following these following tips on inspecting a used car, for you never know when they will come in handy.

Fits you should inspect the exterior of the vehicle. Look at the condition of the paint. If you notice that it could be new paint, which can you a clue that the vehicle might have been in an accident. Which is not such a good thing, also be on…
It doesn’t have to be a hard task to buy a second hand car. Knowing what you’re doing of course helps quite a bit. So read and following these following tips on inspecting a used car, for you never know when they will come in handy.

Fits you should inspect the exterior of the vehicle. Look at the condition of the paint. If you notice that it could be new paint, which can you a clue that the vehicle might have been in an accident. Which is not such a good thing, also be on the look out for any rust on the exterior of the car.

When inspecting the exterior look to see if the vehicle is leveled. If it looks like it sags to one side it could mean the frame or spring is damaged. Also check out the tires, see if their in good condition and inflated.

Then check to see if all the lights, blinkers and tail light all work and are not damaged. Finally take a look at all the other exterior parts such as the disc brakes, mirrors, glass, wheel rims etc.

The second step would be to check out the interior of the vehicle. First off, check to see if there are any unusually odors. It might be hard to remove an unpleasant odor. Make sure you can tolerate the smell of the car.

Look at the condition of the interior, look at how stained or well kept it is. Finally check to see if all the mechanical controls are working. Check the seats, windows, radio, windshield wiper and seat belt controls, you want to make sure that everything works and is in good condition.

The trunk is also something that you take a look at. It is probably the most over looked. You should see any signs of rust or water due to cracks or holes.

The last but no least is checking under the hood. Even if you don’t know very much about what’s under hood you still be able to check for signs of damage, like rust or dents. You can always have a mechanic come and inspect under the hood.

If it all seems to look good then the last thing would be to take it for a test drive. Pay attention to how it handles the road and how it sounds. Make sure you feel comfortable and safe while driving the vehicle. Don’t buy the car if you hear any unusually noises, that is never a good sign. There are many options out there you don’t need to settle for anything. You can get the good quality used car that you want.
Auto Parts Warehouse

How to Save on Water to Gas and Other Useful Tips

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Everyone wants to save money on gas and here are several ways on how to save on water to gas and other useful tips for the everyday motorist.

Most people are aware about the rising cost of fuel in the market today, unfortunately, most of them don’t know what they can do to save.

If you want some simple tips to decrease your fuel costs, then try to take this article seriously. Here are some very helpful tips that will help you save money on gas.
First, many are not aware that there is the innovative yet simple technology of using, even building your own, water to gas device that can cut down fuel consumption by as much as 30-50%.

Hydrogen generators use water as a primary ingredient to generate oxyhydrogen gas that mixes with conventional fuel during internal combustion that increases mileage and minimizes fuel consumption.

There are a lot of these available in the market or you can build one for youirself, just look it up online and follow expert guides on do-it-yourself sites.

Slow down. The faster you drive, the more your fuel you consume. So, to get better gas mileage, try to stay under 60 mph.
Don’t leave your car to run on idle.

Whenever possible, park your car and turn off the engine instead of letting it run on idle. Idling for long periods of time causes unnecessary heat stress on the engine since all not all mechanical processes are functioning.
Always try to keep your car in the shade when parked. Gasoline evaporates when exposed to high temperatures and vaporizes quickly. Parking the car under the shade will also allow you to use less air conditioning when starting up.
Carpooling is also one of the best ways to save money on gas. You could carpool with friends on your way to work or when you run errands.
Always try to look for more affordable gas filling stations. Don’t just fill up at any gas station, but try to look around different stations to compare rates. Competition has allowed stations to be cheaper than others.
Unload your car with unnecessary clutter. Weight is a factor in fuel consumption, too. You’ll get better gas mileage if you take unnecessary weight out of your vehicle. Don’t carry heavy equipment, tools, or other items unless necessary.
Legwork is another good way to save up on gas. Absolutely the best way to save money is to walk or ride your bike wherever you need to go for short distances away. Not only do you use less gas, you get to have some exercise in the process.
Fill ‘er up. Cut down the number of trips to the gas station by filling up your tank when you go. It is also best practice to wait until the tank is ¼ full before you fill up again.
Avail of gas promotions. Some stations offer loyalty programs or discount cards that can save you at least a few cents per gallon, so take advantage of these. Those little savings add up after a while.
Conserve your airconditioning use. If you feel you don’t need to turn your car air conditioning on, turn it off. You might even try turning it on for a short period and then turning it off again.
If possible and not too uncomfortable, commute. You could try taking public transportation to work or to run other errands. It saves you money, gets you some needed exercise and better for the environment.
Time it right. Whenever possible, gas up you car at the coolest time of day. You’ll have less evaporation than when it’s warmer.
Plan your trips, even short ones. Try to get several of your errands done at once. This will save you gas on driving back and forth all week. You can make a plan to go once a week. Planning also cuts down on unnecessary or spur of the moment trips.
Roll up your windows while driving on highways. Open windows create more wind resistance, which will decrease your gas mileage.
Be efficient in looking for parking spots.  When trying to find a parking area, choose the first good spot you can find and avoid wasting gas driving around looking for better parking areas. You may also want to walk between stores. 

How to save on water to gas and all these other helpful tips can help you get along and save money for the rainy days.

10 things every car buyer must know

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Buying a car needs not just investment but deep thought. The market is overflowing with choices and temptations. Buyers need to think, what kind of car and can I afford it?
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Buying a car needs not just investment but deep thought. The market is overflowing with choices and temptations. Buyers need to think, what kind of car and can I afford it?

Think, what do I need transportation for right now and what will I need two years from now? Do I want a car as a status symbol or as something that makes my life easier? Will the car be a commuter vehicle, or to transport children? Would a van with cargo space and high clearance be more suitable for a growing family? Should the car be a two-wheel or four-wheel drive? What kind of terrain will I be driving in most of the time? Go through auto magazines as well as consumer reports to get a clear picture of the world of cars.

1. Work on your finances and determine what you need to spend each month on transportation. A car should not cost more than 10% of your net pay per month. If it is more, then consider leasing a car instead of buying one.

2. Before you finalize anything, find out what the target price is. Four figure discounts are available with almost every make.

3. Never sign an arbitration clause or blank financial forms. Try and get finance from a separate source, a bank or financial institution.

4. Haggling will get you a good deal apart from shopping around for finance. The market is competitive be sure to check dealer fianc? high street, internet lenders, as well as other options.

5. Try and ensure a large down payment thereby reducing the loan to be paid. Work out your finances and choice of car such that the term of loan is for the shortest period.

6. Find out what buying incentives are on offer. These vary from audio systems to cash back offers, and 0% financing. Ask what extras and add ons will cost in addition to the price of the car.

7. Be sure to evaluate your old car independently if you are considering a trade in. Pay attention to ‘cost to change? the difference between what the new car costs and what the old one is worth.

8. Find out about warranties, taxes, and insurance. These can eat into your budget.

9. Vet the contract well. Read the fine print. Make sure that paying off the loan before time will not carry any penalty.

10. Check out at least 3-4 dealers to gauge what the best offer is.

Test drive the vehicle before you finalize the deal and go through the car booklet page by page to understand all that the manufacturer needs to tell you. Be clear what is under warranty and what is not.

Never choose vehicle based on a picture or dream. It is not how you look in the car that’s important but how well the car will fulfill your needs. Be practical and sensible; do not buy a model because the dealership is offering a holiday for two or a low interest scheme. Identify a vehicle that suits your needs before subjecting yourself to an onslaught of marketing.

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Water to Gas is it Fact or Fiction?

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A lot has been said about the revolutionary process of making vehicles run on water instead of purely gasoline fuel, which has led to a lot of hubris whether it is actually truu or just a figment of one person’s twisted imagination?

Sounds too good to be true, right? But in reality, water is actually a good source of energy, which if processed properly and it’s energy channeled correctly, is actually a better alternative to petroleum products like gasoline and other forms of fuel.

Although it may still be considered rocket science to actually make the most out of water, but one fact remains about how water can be used for fuel – not water per se, but one of water’s vital elements, which is hydrogen.

The atomic substance that is hydrogen is the leading alternative to conventional petroleum-based fuel.

For now, among the most common operational processes by water to gas, are fuel-saving devices that primarily extract a form of mixed hydrogen and oxygen gas called Brown’s Gas or HHO into the vehicles fuel injection system.

This enriched mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, also called oxyhydrogen, is mixed with gasoline, causing both substances to chemically bond together molecularly and magnetically.

This combination, according to experts, results to better fuel economy and increases mileage per gallon by as much as 25%-50%, depending on the vehicle’s engine make-up and condition.

These gas-saving devices can also increase in engine power, since less pressure is exerted on the accelerator pedal to speed up the engine, thus reducing the amount of gas used to fuel the engine.

Since the oxyhydrogen mixture burns cleaner and more completely, thus it processes more efficiently and maximizes engine power. It also cleans up carbon deposits in the engine and prevents future build-up of carbon.

It can also be environmentally friendly since exhaust emissions are greatly reduced by the oxyhydrogen burning process.

Due to the cooling nature of oxygen and hydrogen, the temperature in the combustion chamber drops slightly, efficiently enhancing fuel combustion and quicker flame spread ratio.

But many are still wondering if the water to gas idea is indeed true or a scam? Surely not, since the technology has been there long enough for others to work on better solutions to harness that potential to replace petroleum with water-based fuel.

Yes, water to gas is true, but for now the system or process of solely using water to fuel vehicles using hydrogen is still not perfected for commercial vehicles, since studies and science is still trying to master the process of extracting hydrogen on a portable and small-scale process, since the current process is very expensive and requires a lot of equipment.

But of course, with the interest attracted by water to gas systems, scams would still abound, since this system is a potential concept that could easily convince unwary individuals to fall prey to misleading schemes.

So, many would still be advised to be wary of such scams perpetrated by unscrupulous individuals.

B that as it may, the technology of water to gas is an innovative temporary yet beneficial answer to call of the times in addressing the common problem of skyrocketing fuel prices, which, eventually, will lead the way to develop cheaper and alternative sources to fuel, especially one that can be good and sustainable for the environment.